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Common Questions


Q. How do you separate the different ages at a Fast Match?

A. Fast Match events are split by ages, usually 10 years from youngest to oldest.

Q. I've been thinking about it for a while - I'm a bit nervous - is it for me?

A. There are a few unique attributes to our Fast Match events. Firstly, you may remain anonymous. All you show is your Name and a Number on a badge. This name could be an alias. At the end of the night, if you wish to remain anonymous, no-one will have your contact information to bother you. Secondly, within an hour or so, you will have an opportunity to meet 12 or so members of the opposite sex in a unique setting - you have each other's undivided attention for 6 minutes. This may be a person you may otherwise not get the opportunity (or courage) to meet. A third and most popular realization is the sheer value for money - 12 mini dates in ONE night!

Q. How long have Fast Match been going?

A.  Fast Match is a rebranded version of Fast Date (which has been going for over 15 years). We are the most popular speed dating agency in Australia and run events every week around the country. We have a proven formula that works, attracting a great bunch of energetic, talkative singles between 23 and 49 years from all walks of life.

Q. How do I register and pay for my friend also?

A. Simply click on NEXT EVENTS and choose your city and preferred event. You'll be able to book and pay for your friends also.

Q. Do I need to prepare a list of questions?

A. Absolutely not! - Fast Match is about being spontaneous. Just be yourself. You wouldn't have questions ready in a pub so you don't need them at Fast Match either.

Q. What if I don't have an email address?

A. It is important that you do. You can easily set one up for free at Hotmail. gmail or yahoo. You can use a friend's email address but all interaction with our website and resulting emails will end up with your friend, not you.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Whatever you want - smart casual. Just be yourself.

Q. What happens after the Fast Matching is finished?

A. Everyone usually hits the bar to continue mingling and getting to know each other more.

Q. How does the matching process work?

A. Where two people have BOTH said on their match up cards that they'd like to meet again, then you'll receive an email with match details and your 'My FastMatch' profile will be updated with contact information for your matches. You are then free to contact them and set up a meeting.

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