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How does it work?

Fast Match hosts all kinds of events for singles from speed dating to wine tours, weekend sporting activities to dating workshops....and every event is a fun, FAST way to meet singles of the same age, face to face, whilst making new friends in a lively, non threatening environment.

Here's just a taste of some previous speed dating events so you get an idea of what it looks like.......


"I'm never going to a bar or club again!"
  "I never thought I'd be caught dead doing speed dating - now I wonder why I didn't do this years ago. The venue was relaxed, with a great bunch of singles, easy to talk to....and I got 6 matches the next day!...where else can I get that many numbers in one night??.... I'm never going to a bar or club again..."  Matt, NSW


"Never thought I could have so much fun in one day!"
"You just wouldn't believe me if I told you how much fun we had on the Hunter Valley day trip ... great crowd, speed dating on the coach, four wineries, lunch, lots of tastings... well organised.....I really thought it would be a drag...but I'm hooked now!!...I'll be back!!"
Susie A, Cremorne NSW


Cremorne Dinner Dating

"The girls were great, easy to talk to, especially after a few glasses of wine...loved it!!"
James, Mosman NSW

How Does it work?

FAST MATCH brings together equal numbers of guys and girls in some of Australia's grooviest bars and cocktail lounges for a crazy night of meeting, mingling, and getting to know you.. Each guy and girl will spend 6 minutes sitting opposite each other, and getting to know one another.

After 6 minutes, we ring a bell, and the guys move along to the next girl, but before they do, everyone decides if they would like to see that person again. If they do, they simply mark that on their match up card.

After 90 minutes (including a short interval), every guy has spent 6 minutes with every girl.

We then collect the match cards, and start the matching process. Where two people have said they'd BOTH like to catch up again, we will update your personal profile page (My Fast Match) and you can log in to find out with whom you have matched. Easy!! No more lost emails or waiting around for matches...but we'll send you an email also LOL.

Remember at a Fast Match over 87% of all participants get a match. So what have you got to lose???

Why does it work??

It's not rocket science! This is a numbers game. If you meet enough people over a period of time, eventually you will meet someone with whom you 'click'.

At a Fast Match you'll meet between 10 and 20 singles of similar age in one night. Chances are that amongst those singles, there are 2 or 3 whom you'd like to catch up with again. Many singles are even using Fast Match as a way to build up their social network. You'll see some people swapping phone numbers with guys and girls and then inviting everyone around for a BBQ.

As much as we'd love to think that this may help you find your life long partner, Fast Match is about MEETING lively, confident, outgoing and talkative singles. The rest is up to the chemistry!!

Five great reasons for using Fast Match....

REASON # 1: - You meet lots of great singles ...

Most speed dating events will allow you to meet between 20 and 50 singles in one night. The best part is that you KNOW these people are single, genuine, outgoing and hoping to meet someone.

REASON # 2: - It's inexpensive ...

Speed dating is very cost effective... for less than the cost of a round of drinks at the bar, or dinner for one, you can get to meet up to 12 singles in ONE night.

REASON # 3: - It's fun ...

The best part is that speed dating is a blast. While it sounds like some kind of stupid game show or high pressure, it's actually really fun. Everyone is relaxed, outgoing and eager to meet new'll be surprised.

REASON # 4: - It's guaranteed ...

If you don't get any matches at our events, the next Fast Match event is 'on the house'...

REASON # 5: - It works ...

Unlike SWIPE LEFT / RIGHT....speed dating is get to see, listen, connect, feel, laugh.....and it only takes a few minutes for the chemistry to kick in. 
Other dating companies will tell you it's important to be grouped in events where everyone in the room is exactly the look, height, weight, occupation that you have on your 'perfect partner' checklist. The reality is that this is not how life works. If you had a room full of good looking, yuppy, professional singles, it would be 'ego central', and probably too competitive and too stuck up to be productive. Fast Match delivers 'real' singles, from all walks of life and professions, who genuinely want to meet someone.

We hear this all the time from singles who have tried all the different dating apps and events. "Fast Match events are full of nice people and we have more fun at your events!!" 

The perfect 6 minutes??

We've seen over the years of being involved in speed dating events that regular speed daters (those who come every 6 weeks or so), have perfected the art of getting matches at our events. They know exactly what to say during the 6 minutes which will result in them getting a match. It's not uncommon for those regulars to get 6 to 8 matches in one night, and that means a very busy social schedule over the next 2 months. The art of nailing the perfect 6 minutes will also sseve you in your career, interviews, business etc.
First Impressions count!!

FAST's fun, FAST, very relaxed, and you'll meet some great people whilst checking out some of the coolest venues in town!!

How do you take Part?

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